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The new Pacific Blue Cross ID card

Over the next few months, Pacific Blue Cross will issue new ID cards to Plan members.

When you signed in to CARESnet for the first time in our new system, you were prompted to record your new policy and/or ID numbers. These will also show on your new ID card. If you have not signed in to CARESnet, please continue to present your old ID card to your dentist or pharmacist until you receive your new card.

Your ID card – What’s new?
  • Names of your dependents and pay-direct drug coverage no longer show on your card.
  • We no longer require you to give dependent numbers when claiming.
What has not changed (if already part of your individual or group plan)?
  • Your individual or group plan benefits.
  • Your dependent coverage. Your dependent information is viewable in CARESnet and your dentist can confirm dependent coverage online.
  • Your pay-direct drug coverage.
  • Your direct deposit information filed with Pacific Blue Cross.
As soon as you receive your new ID card…
  • Discard the old card.
  • Show the new card numbers to your dentist and pharmacist.
  • When claiming with your new card, identify your dependents by name and birthdate.
If you add or change dependents, you will no longer need to order a new ID card.

For better security, if you formerly used a Social Insurance Number (SIN) as policy identification, this will be replaced with a new ID number on your card.

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