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Health Foundation Donates $292,000 in its First Year

It has been one year since Pacific Blue Cross launched the Community Connection Health Foundation (CCHF) with the vision of providing financial assistance to organizations that improve outcomes in the areas of mental health and chronic disease. Within the past 12 months, the foundation has awarded over $292,000 to 29 different health, education and not-for-profit organizations throughout British Columbia.

“Giving back to the local community is something that resonates very deeply with our employees, the executive leadership and our Board of Directors at Pacific Blue Cross.” says Ken Martin, CEO of Pacific Blue Cross. “We have launched this foundation as a means to formalize our strong commitment to the community, to drive change, and help create a healthier future for B.C. residents.”

Some examples of the many projects the foundation has supported this year include:

• A $47,000 donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) BC Division, of which a significant portion was sourced from the PBC’s annual golf fundraising tournament. An additional $15,000 was donated to the CMHA specifically for the Women and Wellness project.

• A $25,000 donation for the Streetohome project, to support housing development for individuals with mental health issues. The total commitment is $100,000 over four years.

• A $25,000 sponsorship was donated to support an interactive two day conference for the Kelty Summer Institute Promoting Mental Health In BC Schools project. This project is designed to build mental health literacy and promote connectedness in BC schools.

• An $11,000 grant to the Pediatric Obesity Clinic at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to fund an innovative initiative to address child obesity.

• A $33,000 contribution to the new Mental Health Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. This new facility will streamline essential psychiatric care and provide a more healing and therapeutic environment. The total commitment is $100,000 over three years.

Going forward, Pacific Blue Cross will continue to work through the CCHF and support innovative ways to address the rising costs of mental illness and chronic disease and its impact on drug and disability benefits.

Funding for the foundation comes from the interest generated on a $10-million endowment provided by Pacific Blue Cross.

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