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EI Maximum Increases to $501 on January 1, 2013

Effective January 1, 2013, the maximum weekly Employment Insurance (EI) benefit will increase to $501 from $485 in 2012.

If your Short Term Disability (STD) plan pays a percentage of salary up to the EI maximum, or it pays a flat amount equal to the EI maximum, we will automatically update your plan to the new EI maximum amount.

This automatic update means that if your STD plan is registered with Canada’s EI premium reduction program, it continues to qualify for EI premium reductions.

Your January invoice will reflect the increased STD benefit amount. While your STD rate per $10 benefit is not changing, you will see an increase in premium as a result of the increased STD benefit amount.

If you have any questions about your STD plan, please contact your Account Manager or Plan Advisor.

For more information on the changes to EI benefits, please contact the EI Premium Reduction Program toll free at 1-800-561-7923, or go to their website at

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