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Pacific Blue Cross donates $70,000 to local organizations supporting healthy living

The Pacific Blue Cross Community Connection Health Foundation recently donated more than $70,000 to local organizations working to improve health outcomes connected to chronic disease and mental illness.

The approved funding requests support six local organizations making significant impacts to the health and wellness of the communities we live and work in.
  • Canim Lake Wellness Centre
    • The donation will support the Restoring the ‘People of Broken Rock’ campaign. The project is working to revitalize ancestral trainings, traditions, language and culture for at-risk children, youth and families in the community.
  • Keltie Mental Health
    • The donation will be used for the 2015 Teachers Summer Institute which brings together principals, educations and support staff to exchange knowledge and ideas about improving student mental health.
  • BC Collaborative for Disability Prevention
    • The donation will be used to help with the creation of a website presence to engage the public to encourage better collaboration to improve outcomes for BC individuals facing medical challenges.
  • BC Lupus Society
    • The donation will go towards updating informational materials to support newly diagnosed patients and to help fund a group support facilitator.
  • Victoria Hospitals Foundation
    • The donation will be used to purchase a new four-channel IV pump for the Royal Jubilee Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit.
  • BC Transplant Society
    • The donation will help support awareness efforts of the Live Life Pass It On campaign which focuses on the importance of increasing organ donation registration.
The Pacific Blue Cross Community Connection Health Foundation offers financial assistance to organizations that promote mental health and strive to prevent chronic disease. Interested organizations can apply here

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