Plan Administrators - What to do if mail service stops

In the event of a disruption in mail service, here are suggestions for our Plan Administrators to minimize the inconvenience:

  1. Viewing your invoice
  2. Paying your invoice
  3. Plan enrollments, changes, and terminations
  4. Member ID Cards

Viewing your invoice

To access your current invoice, register and sign-in to ADMINnet.


Paying your invoice

You can pay the balance due for your group benefit plan using any of the following methods:


Plan enrollments, changes and terminations

Use one of the following options for plan administration, including enrollments, changes and terminations:

If you have faxed or emailed documents to us, you do not need to send us the original when mail service resumes.


Member ID cards

We will be unable to mail ID cards during a postal service interruption. Plan members may confirm coverage by calling 604.419.2000 or toll-free 1 877 722-2583 during business hours.

Once they have their policy and ID numbers, members can email or print copies of their ID cards from CARESnet.